Festival skirts

Festival skirts incoming! When you’ve got a festival planned, the skirts can come out again. Imagine yourself dancing at your fave festival in the skirt of your dreams! What does it look like? The prettiest festival skirt is mini. In that case, a big part of your legs is not covered by fabric. Perf. for the warm summer months! It does not only look stunning, but is very practical ‘cause you can dance all you want. What else do you want for the shirt that’s been on your wishlist for months?

Types of festival skirts

Next to a festival mini skirt, there are a lot of other skirts you can rock! At festivals it’s mega popular to wear a skirt that’s partly see-through. These skirts are often long & made out of fabric like mesh. Super sexy & extremely flowy as well. Most of the time, the long skirt features a short skirt underneath to prevent you from being entirely bare. The festival skirts are most-loved in black, but they’re a lot of colors you can also shine in! What about a skirt in pink, white or green?

Festive skirts

Wanna spice it up some more? Be flashy when you appear at the festival in a sequin skirt! There are different ways in which you can create some glitz & glam. Some fabrics have small glimmerings which make your look light up when the spots are pointing at you. When you wanna go all out, sequin festival skirts are the best choice. The smaller the sequins, the more your shining look stands out! For a more subtle effect, there are also skirts with a few diamonds or pearls on it. Time to shine!

Boho festival skirts

Glitters are always right, but for a festival with a boho theme it’s also nice to wear a festival skirt with fringes! These are threads or tassels that hang on your skirt. It can be on the bottom or all over on your skirt. Twirl along on the beat of the music & the fringes will tag along! Other aspects of the boho style are light & neutral colors. Go for a banging skirt in beige or choose a warm shade of brown. Are you not able to decide between the stunning styles? Go for a black festival skirt with fringes at the bottom!

Perks of shopping at LOAVIES

At LOAVIES, you can shop as many festival skirts as you want! You’ve got 14 days to decide what you wanna keep & what you return. Enough time to think whether you wanna add that smashing skirt to your wardrobe! Next to that, your order is delivered very fast & you can pay later with Klarna. Extremely handy, ‘cause you pay 30 days after placing your order. Time for some shopping! Always feel awesome, proud & confident in the fab. festival skirts by LOAVIES.