Promotional terms and conditions

1. These promotional terms and conditions pertain to all LOAVIES promotions that are communicated via email, Facebook and/or Instagram (hereafter referred to as: "the Promotion") by Loavies B.V. (hereafter referred to as "LOAVIES"), located at No. 16 Ceintuurbaan, 8024 AA in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

2. Participation in promotion gives the participant a chance to win a prize.  

3. A caveat to the awarding of prizes is participation in the Promotion, as outlined on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

4. The duration of a Promotion is included in its description.

5. Each participant can only participate once in a given Promotion.

6. The winner announcement date is listed in the Promotion description.

7. Upon participation, the participant is obliged to submit correct, up-to-date and complete information.  

8. Promotional participation is free but only possible if you reside in the Netherlands and are at least 16 years old. All other participants are excluded from promotional participation.

9. By participating in a Promotion the participant agrees to these promotional terms and conditions.

10. LOAVIES employees and partners are excluded from promotional participation.

11. Promotional participation can only occur for the duration of a given Promotion.  

12. Should a tax on games of chance be mandatory, LOAVIES will pay it.

13. The drawing and selection of winners will be impartial.  

14. The Promotion prize cannot be redeemed for money or goods.  

15. Should the winner opt to waive the prize, it can be retracted and awarded to another winner.  

16. The personal data that LOAVIES acquires via a Promotion will be saved in its database and processed confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. By participating in a Promotion and by accepting these promotional terms and conditions, the participant consents to this.

17. Should the participant become the prize winner, the participant consents to LOAVIES using their name in promotional marketing; including yet not restricted to, use on:
            - LOAVIES’ Facebook and Instagram pages.

18. By participating in a Promotion, the participant consents to LOAVIES contacting the participant via the submitted email address for marketing purposes, including yet not restricted to: newsletters, other promotions, feedback and offers.

19. LOAVIES protects the personal data submitted by the participant against loss or unlawful processing.

20. Should the participant cease participation in a Promotion, they can notify LOAVIES by sending an email to LOAVIES’ Customer Services at

21. The participant acknowledges that participation in a Promotion occurs at their own expense and risk.

22. LOAVIES cannot be held liable for any potential damage incurred by the participant as a result of a Promotion, be it directly or indirectly.

23. In no way are our Promotions sponsored, approved or managed by Facebook or Instagram. As such these parties are in no way liable towards the participant. The promotion-related personal data submitted by the participant is only provided to LOAVIES; not Facebook or Instagram.

24. LOAVIES and/or its appointed partners are not liable for any damages incurred by the participant resulting from any form of use of the awarded prizes, incorrect submission of personal data, or amendment to or interruption/termination of a Promotion.

25. LOAVIES is permitted to alter its promotional terms and conditions throughout the duration of a Promotion, or to suspend or amend the Promotion itself, without any prior notification or reason, and without any liability towards the participants.

26. Dutch legislation applies to these promotional terms and conditions.  

27. The Promotional Games of Chance Code of Conduct applies to LOAVIES Promotions. Should a complaint arise pertaining to a Promotion, this can be submitted to LOAVIES at, including relevant reason(s).

28. LOAVIES retains the right to exclude participants from (further) promotional participation, or to recall prizes already awarded, if it deems the participant is failing to comply with these promotional terms and conditions.

29. In the event these promotional terms and conditions do not cover every contingency, LOAVIES shall be the ultimate decider.