Festival co-ords

A party is successful when you show up in the stunning festival co-ords by LOAVIES! Bedazzle everyone at the festival site in your matchy-matchy ‘fit. Go for a combination of fashionable trousers with a trendy crop top or combine a short with a singlet top. Shopping for festival two piece outfits & you can go either way! The nice thing about such a matching set is that you don’t have to think about what you wanna wear the next morning. Throw on some sturdy boots or spice your look up with a pair of high heels. When looking for prettiest festival co-ords, the choice is all up to you!

What are festival co-ord sets?

A festival co-ord is a set that consists of a two piece set. These pieces fit together perf. ‘cause they’re made of exactly the same color & structure. What about a matchy festival co-ord in velvet blue or silky pink? You can put the staples together in your shopping bag, but they can also often be shopped apart from each other. Whatever you choose: at festivals it’s always ultra popular to wear a co-ord. You’ll immediately look like an absolute stunner! Slay during the day & look stunning at night with a dazzling co-ord festival outfit.

Summer festival two piece outfits

Festivals are meant to be wild! Grab your chance by wearing stunning festival co-ord sets by LOAVIES. No one will be able to keep their eyes off of you when you combine co-ord festival flares with an on-trend top. The nice thing about festival co-ords is that you can choose whether you wanna wear a skirt, top, short or trousers with long legs. Go for a festival co-ord with long legged trousers when it’s cold outside & rock that short with warmer weather. Even the tops are available with long or short sleeves. During the summer, you can style your festival two piece outfits with a crop top or top without sleeves. This way, there’s always a matchy-matchy ‘fit for your fab. festival!

Other co-ord festival outfits to shine in

Curious about what else you can wear at a festival? A festival skirt & top is nice, but you can also choose a lot of other stunning staples! What about a festival co-ord with shorts or some great flares? Some jeans are always right, def. when you go for a loose fit. Mom jeans & straight jeans are extremely on trend this season! Finish off your co-ord look by combining it with a pink or blue festival top. The amazing thing about shopping at LOAVIES is that there’s fast international delivery! Next to that, you can also pay later for the pieces you really keep with Klarna. Time to shop!

Perks of a festival co-ord

The biggest perk of a festival co-ord is that the set looks perf. together, but you can also combine the pieces apart from each other! Wear that festival co-ord top with glitter shorts or combine your purple wrap top with some funky flares. Festival two piece sets make sure you can create multiple looks with a single design. Perf. to survive a multi-day festival without carrying a huge suitcase over the festival site! Shop your festival co-ord at LOAVIES & always look fabulous!