Shopping for a new bikini is def. the best part of planning for summer & summer holidays! The smashing styles by LOAVIES will provide the perf. pieces, whether you’re looking for a tiny top to flaunt your fab. figure or a form-fitting bikini that’ll flatter your curves. Going on a winter break? Then you’ll need some stunning swimwear for the indoor pool or lovely hot tub. What about a triangle bikini or one with a lot of glitter on it? It’s never too much! Good thing that you can shop for swimwear styles all year long at LOAVIES!

Women’s swimwear

With weekly drops every week, fashionable beach girls are sure to find a set to tempt. Whether it’s the beaches of Ibiza or poolside in Miami, every getaway deserves a new bikini. When LOAVIES has so many stylish yet cheap tops & bottoms, why not treat yourself to a few new sets? This season, high waisted bikini bottoms are extremely on-trend. The fitting of these pieces is not only very comfy, but you’ll also look like an absolute stunner! Parade over the beach during your summer vacay in the most-loved staples of the moment.

Every week new bikinis sets

Whatever bikini sets you wish to see, LOAVIES got ‘em! Going for a simple style that’s really comfy? Or a set for girls who’ll steal the show on the beach? Choose a brazilian bikini, or go wild with pink or blue sets. Let the summer begin! You’ll immediately be summer proof with a bikini top that fits your body well. A triangle bikini is perf. for different cup sizes, while a one shoulder staple is more suited for small to medium cup sizes. Wanna increase your size some more? Then a bikini with some push up might be the right choice for you!

Nice, pretty & sexy bikinis for fashionable ladies

As a woman, you wanna feel awesome, proud & confident every day. Therefore, you’re gonna need some pretty swimwear! Whether you spend the warm days in the Netherlands or experience a summer to remember in a foreign country; you’re gonna need some swimwear. Even during the winter, it’s nice to have some bikini sets for women. If you’re suddenly invited for an indoor pool party, you wanna slay in a pretty strappy glitter bikini. And girl, you deserve it!

Always SALE with the cheap swimwear by LOAVIES

Who thinks being fashionable costs a lot of money, is wrong. Bikini sets by LOAVIES are affordable for everyone, whether they’re pink or blue. Pretty tops & bottoms for an even prettier price, def. in the sale for women. That’ll be fun when you go shopping for swimwear with us. The money you save can be used for other things. We’re going to Ibiza!

Order a top or bottom

Looking for a single top or bottom? At LOAVIES we have different styles available. Order one new top or multiple tops? Bring in the summer vibes by shopping for your fave swimwear tops. Mix & match with some bikinis with high waisted bottoms, strappy tops or some push up. It’s never crazy enough! Order today & you’ll receive your package soon ‘cause of fast international shipping!

Frequently asked questions about bikinis

Do you have questions about certain styles for women, like gorgeous cheap swimwear to shine this summer? You’ll find the frequently asked questions about every mix & match bikini set down here.

How can I best wash my pieces?

Is your swimwear cheap? Don’t wash it too warm, ‘cause not all fabrics can withstand this. Always make sure to pay attention to the washing instructions. This way, you can put that one bikini in the washing machine and dryer, but a certain top with one shoulder or brazilian bottom can better be hand-washed. To enjoy your fashionable ‘fits as long as possible, it’s important to be extra careful. Never wash your swimwear warmer than 30 degrees.

What’s my size?

Do you wanna know what size you are? Feel free to ask for advice when shopping for a bikini. Use the ‘find my size’ tool for the chosen staple or ask our Customer Care for help!

What color suits me?

What color suits you best, depends on your skin color. Already got some tan or a darker skin color? Then there are plenty of nice styles, ‘cause almost all colors will look great on you! Don’t have sun kissed skin (yet), better skip the pastel colors. Bikinis that’ll look good with a light skin color are neon pink and blue sets. White or beige can better be avoided.

What bikini suits a smaller cup size?

You rock the triangle bikini with a smaller cup size! This one makes your figure look really great. Next to that, this style comes back every year, so you’ll always be on-trend. Go for the bikinis by LOAVIES & blow everyone away in your fashionable ‘fits!