Festival playsuit

When the festival season is upon us again, it’s time to get those festival playsuits out of your closet! Complete every party with a pretty playsuit & always look fierce & fabulous. Especially during warm summer months, it’s ideal to wear a playsuit by LOAVIES. You no longer have to think about what to combine with that one pair of trousers or that one top. The styling of jewellery & accessories is all up to you! Is it gonna be a cool cowboy hat or are you styling that women’s festival playsuit with a statement belt? Whatever you choose, you’re always in the right place with LOAVIES.

Types of festival playsuits

There are different types of festival playsuits that make your outfit shine! The most remarkable feature of a playsuit is that it contains shorts. Time to give those legs some sun! As for the top, you decide for yourself. Go for some long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves at all! A long sleeve festival playsuit creates the perf. outfit when styling it with flowy butterfly sleeves. A strapless variant is also an option & ensures that your shoulders can tan while you're dancing.

Patterns to shine in

Looking for a festival playsuit to shine in? Go for some bold patterns! You complete every outfit with a leopard or zebra pattern. Not a big fan of animal prints? Go for a women’s festival playsuit with sequins on it! What about a sequin festival playsuit in black? Other toppers are stripes, dots & flowers. The last one is especially popular during the festival season. Keep up the spirit with some daisies, roses or sunflowers. At LOAVIES, there’s always a suitable festival playsuit with a great pattern you can shop. You get fast international delivery, so time to shop!

Shopping a festival playsuit at LOAVIES

There are a lot of perks when you shop for your future-fave festival playsuit at LOAVIES. There are weekly new drops, which means there’s always a great playsuit for you. Opting for a long sleeve or black festival playsuit? We’ve got it all! Next to that, you’ve got 14 days to return your pieces. This gives you some time to think about which festival playsuits you will eventually add to your wardrobe. Whatever it’s gonna be, success is guaranteed with our fab. playsuits.

Different fabrics of a playsuit

Next to all the different patterns a festival playsuit also consists of different fabrics. This way, there are enough thin materials that are wonderful for summer. You don’t wanna be all sweaty during the set of your fave dj. Slightly thicker fabrics can be nice if there’s a bit of wind. A festival playsuit with a thick fabric & long sleeves ensures that you don’t get cold. As you can see, there’s always a suitable playsuit that’ll make you look fabulous at every festival! Shop your festival playsuit at LOAVIES & be assured of a successful outfit.