Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday clothing deals

Next to the best Black Friday clothing, LOAVIES is also the place to be for Cyber Monday clothing deals! Which means you can go wild on all women’s clothing on Black Friday on Friday and later with Cyber Monday on Monday. Shop the most gorgeous coats during the sale on Cyber Monday. Go for a warm winter coat, a fluffy jacket, or sophisticated blazer.

What is Cyber Monday?

Before you shop the best Cyber Monday clothing deals, it’s good to know what exactly happens on Cyber Monday. This day full of discounts takes place every year on the Monday after Black Friday. This way, you get the chance to enjoy the biggest sale of the year for an entire weekend during Cyber Weekend, also known as Black Weekend. The sale starts on Friday and continues until Monday. Because of the name, you’d think that only electronic items will be on sale, but that’s not true! Even the best clothing deals can be found on Cyber Monday; that’s why LOAVIES participates as well. Go get that warm winter coat with a huge discount on Cyber Monday! The difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that Black Friday is focused more on physical shops, while Cyber Monday is mostly present in online shops, like LOAVIES.

Popular Cyber Monday categories

When do you shop the best Cyber Monday clothing deals?

During the Cyber Weekend you can buy the most appealing Cyber Monday clothing deals! This weekend takes place after Thanksgiving; often at the end of November. This way, you can shop all your fave party looks for the holidays with a big discount! Think of all the amazing Cyber Monday fashion that’s available for you. Black Friday takes place on Friday and this is already a day with a lot of sale. But it gets even better! Most of the time Cyber Monday offers even better clothing deals! Often an extra discount is given on top of the other discounts. Make sure to shop all your Cyber Monday fashion on this day for less!

Which shops join Cyber Monday?

Just like a lot of online shops, LOAVIES also joins Cyber Weekend! On this Cyber Monday you get the opportunity to shop the best clothing deals available. A big advantage of shopping at LOAVIES is that it’s very easy to pay afterwards with Klarna. You can pay in terms after placing your order! This way, you can already enjoy all your fleeky fits without having to pay for it immediately. LOAVIES is known for all the Cyber Monday women’s clothing, so you’ll definitely wanna order a lot of pieces! What’s also lovely is that your order is sent for free when you spend more than 50 euros. Could it get any better than this? Of course! When you order, you receive your perfect pieces as soon as possible with our fast delivery! This makes it even better to get your hands on all the Cyber Monday clothing deals for women.