Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday clothing deals

Looking for Black Friday clothing? Then LOAVIES is the right place for you! We annually participate in Black Friday, so of course you can’t miss us this year! During the biggest sale of the year, you can go wild on all the cute clothes that are on sale on Black Friday. There will be a lot of discounts on Black Friday clothing, you’ll also find a lot of dresses on sale during Black Friday. This is the moment to shop all your fave pieces and pay less. Yay!

When do you buy Black Friday clothes on sale?

All Black Friday clothing from LOAVIES can be bought during a specific weekend of the year. This weekend is also known as Black Weekend and is famous for its huge discounts! This means you can enjoy a lot of sale during a long weekend. Could it be any better? Of course it can! Black Weekend occurs one month before the holidays; this means you can shop all your fave party looks for less! Put all those Black Friday party dresses on your wishlist, so you can go all out with getting the prettiest clothing on Black Friday!

Popular Black Friday categories

Why would you buy LOAVIES clothing on Black Friday?

During Black Weekend you can shop with the biggest discounts; also at LOAVIES! The advantage of shopping your fave Black Friday party dresses is that you already receive your on time for the holidays! Another perk is that you get free shipping if your order is 50 euros or more. That means a lot of shopping! What’s even better? You can pay for all LOAVIES clothing you ordered on Black Friday afterwards with Klarna. This way, you can already enjoy the coat you bought on Black Friday, but pay it later in terms.

How does Black Friday at LOAVIES work

You can buy all Black Friday clothing at LOAVIES; even the hottest coats are available on Black Friday. How does Black Friday exactly work at LOAVIES? It’s very simple actually! Check and take a look at our big offer of need-to-haves that are on sale. To make it as easy as possible for you, there’s even a special Black Friday category. This way, you’ll have an overview of all deals and you can add your fave essentials to your shopping bag immediately. Make sure to be ready on Black Friday to shop the prettiest clothing from LOAVIES!