Festival bralette

When the festival season’s here again, it’s time to grab that festival bralette from your closet! Make a statement & enter your fave festival in the top of your dreams. Still looking for a black festival bralette to stand out in? At LOAVIES there are many pieces from which you can choose every year. Even in winter it’s no problem to shop for bralettes. This way, you’re in time for the start of the party season! Looking for some warmer staples? You’ve also come to the right place for that. There are a lot of different styles that make you shine at your fave festival in summer as well as winter.

What’s a festival bralette?

Nice & all, but what is a festival bralette actually? Some girls are already known with the basic variant of the bralette. This is just a simple bra, but it looks much fancier. Bralettes often feature lace & sexy straps. Sometimes, the top can contain lining, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Next to that, bralettes also don’t always have a clasp on the back. You might find them at the front or not at all. This makes the bralette a perfect piece to wear outside! One of the places to do this is on the festival side. The warm weather & continuous dancing makes a lot of girls shine in a festival bralette.

What types of bralettes are available?

The choice is yours when you shop for festival bralettes! You decide whether you want lining or not & where the clasp is. Bralettes with lace are extremely sexy, but you can also opt for a shining variant. What about a staple with glitters, sequins or metallic? Combine a silver variant with your silver jewellery or keep it classy with a black festival bralette. Very nice is shopping for a bralette with a pretty back. This way, your look doesn’t just look fab. from the front, but also from the back. Got a hard time choosing your fave type? Shop your go-to festival bralettes & easily pay later with Klarna!

Styling a festival bralette

You can style a black festival bralette in multiple ways. At a festival, you can wear it in combination with a gorgeous short or skort. Let those shimmerings from your top come back in your belt or shoes & you’re good to go! A matchy-matchy ‘fit for colder temperatures is created by putting a mesh top over your bralette. This way, your perf. piece is still visible but you’re not shivering on the dance floor. Another option is wearing a coat over your bralette. Go for a fake leather variant or throw a puffer on top of your look. Even now, everyone can enjoy that black festival bralette!

Bralette shopping

Even shopping for a festival bralette is done in no time! Select your faves & throw ‘em all in your shopping bag. You’ve got 14 days to return, so enough time to think about what styles you wanna keep & what you’re gonna return. You wanna be assured of a stylish look when arriving at the festival of your dreams! Extremely handy that LOAVIES sells all sorts of festival bralettes that'll def. make you the shining center of attention. What are you waiting for? Start shopping for festival bralettes now to be ready for the next season!