Festival jumpsuit

It’s def. gonna be party time when you arrive at your fave festival in a fancy festival jumpsuit! Get ready for the time of your life in a variant with some paradise-worty prints or keep it subtle with a single color. Are you going for red or keeping it classy with white? LOAVIES has got it all! You decide if you wanna style your jumpsuit with long sleeves, short or no sleeves at all. The perk of wearing a jumpsuit? You can always style it with a cardigan, jacket or cool blazer. You’re born to be wild, so show off that stunning festival jumpsuit with flared trouser legs or black sequins! Extra fun? At LOAVIES, you can pay afterwards with Klarna & there is fast international delivery!

What is a jumpsuit

Very nice & all, but what is a festival jumpsuit actually? A jumpsuit is a one piece suit, with the upper and lower part attached to each other. It’ll take you some extra time to take it on & off in the small festival toilet, but you’ll def. look insane! Extra nice that you don’t have to think about combining a top with some trousers, ‘cause a jumpsuit is 2 in 1! Make sure you don’t forget to get to know the lil’ sis of the jumpsuit: the playsuit. This suit doesn’t have long trousers legs, but consists of some shorts. The sleeves of the festival jumpsuit or playsuit can be long, short or not present at all!

Populair festival jumpsuit categories

Sorts of festival jumpsuits

There are a lot of jumpsuits that’ll make you shine at that awesome festival! Next to the length of the sleeve, the material can differ as well. One of the on-trend festival jumpsuits of the moment is the flared variant. This jumpsuit has trouser legs that run wide on the bottom, while the other parts are close-fitting. Wanna spice it up a bit? Go for a flared festival jumpsuit with black sequins on it. This way, you’ll be the sassy center of attention! Of course, your jumpsuit doesn’t have to be black. Go for some poppin’ colors like red, pink or blue! One of the main perks of wearing flared trousers? They are extremely flowy & airy, so you can dance all night long! Perf. for the warm summer months. Also gives you the sublime opportunity to fully enjoy the music by your fave dj.

What kind of shoes go with a jumpsuit?

Festival jumpsuits are often very festive & you can make it as chic as you want. Keep it casual with some sneakers or spice things up with the addition of some high heels! A very nice combo is a jumpsuit together with cool cowboy boots or lovely loafers. The cowboy boots are especially a great success at a boho-themed festival. Merge in the Ibiza vibe with boots in brown, black or white. Wanna stand out some more? Go for sturdy boots in a gorgeous color! What about metallic gold or silver studs? One thing is for sure: with a festival jumpsuit by LOAVIES, you can go absolutely wild with styling it!