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TRENCH THE DAY Loavies beige trenchcoat 69.99 EUR
MAKE ME FEEL Loavies black belt 15.99 EUR
TRUST ME - GREY Loavies grey pinstripe trousers 39.99 EUR
STUDS FOR LIFE - SILVER Loavies zilveren studs riem 15.99 EUR
ICONIC - WHITE Loavies white iconic statement tee 19.99 EUR
ON MY SIDE - OFFWHITE Loavies off white bodysuit 19.99 EUR
HAVE FAITH - BLACK Black ankle boots 54.99 EUR
COUNTING STEPS White chunky sneakers 49.99 EUR
KEEP IT REAL Loavies small golden earrings 9.99 EUR
DON'T STOP NOW Loavies checkered long trenchcoat 79.99 EUR
FULL OF LOVE - BEIGE Loavies beige leopard print jumper 39.99 EUR 30.00 EUR
LOVE ME LIKE YOU Loavies blue acid wash mom jeans 39.99 EUR