Iconic pieces

LET HER GO Loavies pink floral print ruffle playsuit 44.99 EUR 20.00 EUR
ON MY LIFE Loavies beige star print dress 49.99 EUR 35.00 EUR
GO WITH YOU Loavies pink dot print scrunchie with bow 5.99 EUR 3.00 EUR
BE HUMBLE Loavies lilac floral print short sleeve blouse 27.99 EUR 10.00 EUR
TAKE CARE Loavies light yellow floral print ruffle skirt 34.99 EUR 25.00 EUR
BEEN THERE Loavies lilac daisy print ruffle dress 39.99 EUR 20.00 EUR
MAKE ME Loavies black daisy print dress 39.99 EUR 20.00 EUR
OUT OF TIME Loavies golden lightning rhinestones necklace 15.99 EUR