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ALL MY LOVE Loavies denim rok 39.99 EUR
LET ME HEAR YOU - GOLD Gouden munt oorbellen 10.99 EUR
INTO THE SUN Gold pendant necklace 15.99 EUR
DON'T STOP - WHITE Loavies white denim skirt 39.99 EUR
DOWN THE ROAD Loavies black leopard print midi skirt 34.99 EUR
FIERCE GIRL - GOLD Loavies gold structured earrings 12.99 EUR
SPACE BETWEEN US Loavies pink puffy sleeve top 27.99 EUR
SEND ME YOUR LOCATION Loavies black floral print dress 39.99 EUR
PUT ON HOLD Loavies black polka dot top 29.99 EUR
SHINING SUN Silver sun earrings 12.99 EUR