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FIERCE GIRL - SILVER Loavies silver structured earrings 12.99 EUR
MILLION MILES Loavies high waist checkered trousers 44.99 EUR
LOYAL TO ME - GOLD Loavies small golden angular shape earrings 10.99 EUR
ZEBRA VIBES - PINK Loavies pink zebra print sweater 49.99 EUR
DON'T START NOW Loavies black western belt 14.99 EUR
FEELS LIKE HEAVEN Loavies denim rok 39.99 EUR
TAKE ALL OF ME Loavies multicolour blazer 59.99 EUR
COME FOR YOU Loavies multicolour boucle short 39.99 EUR
ANOTHER YOU - PINK Loavies pink satin look dress 39.99 EUR