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FIERCE GIRL - SILVER Loavies silver structured earrings 12.99 EUR
ZEBRA VIBES - PINK Loavies pink zebra print sweater 49.99 EUR
FEELS LIKE HEAVEN Loavies denim rok 39.99 EUR
COME FOR YOU Loavies multicolour boucle short 39.99 EUR
LOYAL TO ME - GOLD Loavies small golden angular shape earrings 10.99 EUR
DON'T START NOW Loavies black western belt 14.99 EUR
ANOTHER YOU - PINK Loavies pink satin look dress 39.99 EUR
MILLION MILES Loavies high waist checkered trousers 44.99 EUR
TAKE ALL OF ME Loavies multicolour blazer 59.99 EUR